Box it Out at Agoura Boxing

The expelled breath of gym rats fogged up the windows of Agoura Boxing so much that we could not see inside. It was a crisp November evening when we opened the door to find lots of sweat, determination and camaraderie. Here was a real boxing gym – no fussiness or trendy gadgets. Just lots of heavy bags, speed bags, an open space for jump rope and ab work and right in the middle… a big ring.

The class was billed as a kids and beginners class, and we expected lots of young boys and maybe a few girls. It turned out to be heavy on the beginning adults and light on the kids. That was fine by us. Our boy had shown up to work. The less distractions the better. The class members circled up and started with some stretches and then the work started and didn’t let up for 60 minutes. Every single person had sweat dripping down their smiling faces by the end of class.

The kid hits the gym about 2 times every week. He’s on the shy side, so the fist bumps and encouragement that goes on among fellow classmates doesn’t come easy to him, but I’m hoping that in time it will.

If you or your kids want a serious workout, I highly suggest you talk to Martin over at Agoura Boxing. My son feels really good after class – and he sleeps like a champ at night.

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